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A Piece Of Hope


This website is created mainly for my cosplays.

It is named A Piece Of Hope as I am an avid Ky fan, as seen by the altnernate names my friends gave me and the many Ky cosplays I have done.
And if you noticed, the background of this site is the Paris stage - Ky's stage in the game. ~_^

Why cosplay?
Cosplay is about bringing your favourite characters out of the screen and I enjoy portraying my favourite character as well as meeting my favourite characters in the flesh.
You can say this is a by fans for fans hobby.
Most importantly, I enjoy the process of costume making as well as having fun with my friends who share this special hobby.
I've made a lot of friends through this hoddy including friends from overseas and I cherish every moment and learning process we have together.

Besides cosplay, I am a gamer who likes to game for hours at home or at the arcade.
I play mostly fighting games and some adventure games. I am a big supporter of Ishiwatari Daisuke and Arc System Works.
Guilty Gear and BlazBlue are, and always will be, my most favourite games ever. ~_^

I like heavy metal, Jrock and folk music.
My favourite bands are Nightwish, Iron Maiden, Helloween, hide with Spread Beaver, X Japan, L`Arc~en~Ciel, Luna Sea and Janne Da Arc
My favourite guitarist is hide from X Japan.
My favourite instrument is the electric guitar and I hope to be able play it someday.
My other favourite musical instruments are the violin, flute, piano/keyboards and drums.

I am a fan of fantasy and I love the medival times and old European cultures as well as Japanese culture.
I also am into mythology and astrology as well as various beliefs from different cultures and countries.

I was told that I look pretty fierce when I am quiet.
Actually, I'm pretty much the opposite. I don't bite people, don't worry. ^^;;

Feel free to leave messages and feedback in my guestbook so that I know where I can improve on. m(_ _)m
If you want a link exchange, drop me a message in the guestbook or email me.
To email me, click the E-mail link next to the site's opening date. ^_^

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